The Facts About the Boston Bombings

In order to clear up misinformation and confusion, the facts have been clearly laid out for the public.

Posted on 4/16/2013


When the story broke, most news sites hesitated to state any speculation about casualties, though I specifically recall the "2 dead, 12 injured" thrown around at the time. The assumed number became 2 about half an hour into the disaster, then jumped to 12. I make no assumptions or judgements but I assume this was a mixup of the number of injured assumed at the time. For some time now we have concluded that the fatality number is 3, though that could change depending on what happens to those in treatment. Having lived in Boston for most of my life, I have great faith in our citizens in the medical field. The number of injured went from 12 to 30 to 70 to 144, and I can't say for sure that this number is at all final.

Of the injured, the subject in the famous image of the man in the wheelchair who's legs were torn apart by the explosion is in stable condition.

Summary: 3 confirmed dead, injured in the 140s.

Update: One of the dead one is an eight year old boy, the other two are women, one 20-22, the other 24-30.



The bombs

We first assumed that the bombs were hidden in garbage cans; however, it seems now that they were packages left on the ground. There were two explosions, and one supposed failed device that was destroyed later. The JFK fire wasnot caused by a bomb, and while up to 5 suspicious devices were found elsewhere there has been no confirmation that they are explosives. Due to the keyword 'incendiary' tied with the JFK event, I cannot conclude what sort of bombs they were; however, ball bearing shrapnel have been confirmed in patients. Cellphone service was supposedly (doubtfully) temporarily shut down in the area but I can't confirm that the explosives were set off by cellphones.

Summary: What we know is simply that there were two bombs, suspicious packages set down on the street. I don't know if the supposed 'third device' that plagued discourse for the first three hours of this event was actually an explosive or not, but know it was treated as one. Other suspicious devices have been inconclusive.

Update: Apparently two unexploded devices have been recovered and disarmed.


The investigation is in full force, and has now been taken up by the FBI. Warrants have been issued, and the media has made mention of suspects; however, I cannot confirm that there is any person of interest nor anyone in custody as of this moment. A hospitalized Saudi national was a suspect, however, it was found that he had nothing to do with the attack.

On a broader level, it is clear that this was an attack; the 'gas leak' theory was shot down in 20 minutes. This is by its very definition an act of terrorism. No groups or names have taken credit for this, so we cannot say that the perpetrator has any affiliation with any organization, and could possibly be working on their own. Furthermore, we do not know if this is a domestic or an international issue, let alone what the agenda of the person is to begin with.

However, there have been several reports on the ground of suspicious activity since before the event and several leads to work on, authorities confirm. We have nothing yet but we are on the right path for answers.

Update: This was not the work of the Pakistani Taliban.
Update: It is confirmed that a house was searched in revere last night


Boston Marathon bombings.


For friends and family

Find your loved ones

Google's person finder
The red cross's safe and well search
The Boston Marathon's individual tracker

Boston Mayor's Hotline for families of victims: 617-635-4500
Please do not call or flood authority information centers, as the phone lines are overwhelmed. Text when possible!

How to help

Let us know you're safe

Post on facebook or other social networking sites to let others know you're alright. We care about you and want to know if you need anything.

Send ANY tips yous have to the FBI

FBI number: 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324)
Boston Police are still heavily involved in this case! Send tips tp 800-494-8477


There was frantic discussion about blood donations in the first hour of the event. However, the Red Cross has said that it has sufficient blood for the situation. Still, donating blood will assist the injured.

The Red Cross's website for Boston blood donations
Children's Hospital blood donation site
Mass General's blood donation site

Offer shelter's list of offers, as mentioned above.


Please do not donate to uncredited charities on Facebook and other such sites! The Red Cross and Salvation Army are two primary organizations involved in assistance and will gladly accept your charity.





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