Silent But Deadly

Girl murdered for teasing another teen about flatulence.

Posted on 8/1/2012

"You do the crime, you do the time" is a common phrase used in teasing friends or classmates about flatulence, but this time it takes a literal meaning. 16-year-old Shaakira Dorsey was killed Wednesday, seemingly as a result of a fist-fight with another teen. The fight broke out as a result of Shaakira teasing her classmate about that classmate's flatulence, Huffington Post reports.

Dorsey collapsed after her stepfather broke up the fight, but it was too late, according to UPI.

She died after being rushed to a hospital, but her cause of death has not been officially announced. The unnamed suspect has been charged with one count of murder, and will make her first court appearance on Wednesday, the New York Daily News reported.

Although only one person has been charged in Dorsey's death, 911 calls obtained by WEWS-TV suggest adults were on the scene and stood by.

"At the end of my driveway, it's some kids fighting, and it's adults there watching ... it's adults, grown-ups there watching them fight," says the 911 caller

While easy to joke about, this is still the story of a teen dying which is a tragic story regardless of the cause. Recent news reports that her killer has released a press statement defending herself saying "Whoever smealt it, dealt it". Just kidding. I'm sorry, couldn't help it. 

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