Watching Horror Movies Burns Calories

A new study reveals that the tense nature of scary horror movies can burn off some of that popcorn

Posted on 10/31/2012

Substitute those 30 minute power walks for The Shining, suburban moms, because a new study has found that watch frightening flicks can help you shed some serious calories


Researchers at the University of Westminster in the U.K. discovered that watching 90 minutes of a scary movie can burn up to 113 calories — the equivalent of a chocolate bar.


Still not as scary as that old man staring at your yoga pants


The study — commissioned by the British movie rental service LOVEFiLM — recorded the pulse, heart rate, oxygen intake, and carbon dioxide output of 10 subjects (albeit, a small sample size) as they watched fright flicks and concluded that the resulting adrenaline-rush lowered their appetites and killed calories.


The biggest calorie burners were revealed to be The Shining and Jaws respectively, and while roughly 100 calories isn't a substantial amount, it's about what you burn running a mile. Horror nerds everywhere will rejoice as they can finally throw away that cobweb covered treadmill they pretend to use.

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