Im Not Voting

"Defending non-voting... across this great land, I often hear the ultimate "shut up"—that if you don't vote, you have no right to complain about politics or society."

Posted on 10/25/2012

Oh, how unpatriotic of those men and women who choose not to vote. Those men and women who choose to not exercise a right our great and greatest ancestors have died to attain. But, is it safe to say different opinions exist? Is it safe to say neither candidate is worth the power we "entrust" in them? Is it safe to safe the majority of American citizens have little knowledge concerning politics and are harming their communities by voting? Can I question the Electoral College? Can I doubt the honsety of the powers that be?


In 2004, Brian Doherty wrote and article on entitled Not Voting and Proud: Don't throw away your life, Throw away your vote. He gives great insight on a touchy matter that is often reproached.

" is expressive, a way to feel part of the larger community, to add one small voice to a loud chorus of cheering."

I'll refrain from any further personal opinions on the matter and allow you to read and educate yourselves (as we're taught to do) on this opposite end of the American thought spectrum, but I will add...

.. I find it incredibly compelling that our, very limited, U.S. media can blind us from the knowledge and facts that really matter (Hunger, AIDS, Cancer, War, Ignorance, Racism etcetera, etcetera) by entertaining us with a political beauty contest.

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