Talk to the owner. He gave me the deal. When it comes to contracts, the players aren’t sitting there negotiating that contract. I’m sitting at home and my agent calls me, saying, ‘I got a max on the table.’ I’m not going to sit there and say, ‘Naw, that’s too much. Go out there and negotiate $20 or $30 [million] less.’

Magic Forward Rashard Lewis, on who to blame for mad max contracts in basketball (the owners)

Posted on 9/22/2011

Context from SBNation:

When NBA owners talk about contracts being guaranteed for too long, for too much money, and to players who don't deserve them, they're basically talking about former-Magic forward Rashard Lewis. He of the six year, $118 million contract back in 2007. But Lewis has a pretty simple counterpoint for all the owners out there.


Although the article goes on to mention the Lewis needs to man up and admit he's just as much part of the problem than the owners (he has been truly terrible the last several years at $21/million per). I just thought that quote was funny.

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