“First – all sides have to be willing to give on something. We don’t have to slaughter the sacred cows, but we do need to get a little milk from them.

“Just like a base-closing commission, this Committee must accept that real solutions require rising above narrow partisan, regional, and ideological concerns. We need both parties to stand up to their own special interests, start putting their love of country before their fear of the next campaign.

“Democrats have to face the reality that we need more spending cuts, including reasonable entitlement reform. And they have to stop pitting Americans against each other in a game of class warfare for their own political purposes.

“Republicans have to face the reality that we need more revenue – more revenue than we can get from cuts alone. And they have to stop protecting every tax break and loophole as though they were sacrosanct, when in fact many of them are bad economic policy.

New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg

Posted on 11/17/2011
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